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Back & Knee Pain…Change your footwear and not your Doctor

Do you wake up with heel, Knee, Back and Muscles pain in the morning? No doctor and medicine is working for you, then this news is for you. Try to change your shoes, not your doctor. More than 80% people suffering with this type of pain have got relief with this change. Dr. Umashankar Mohanty, President – Indian Association of Physiotherapists told that gait and foot position is very important. If it is altered due to wrong shoes, knee pain, back pain etc will occur.

Earlier, by walking 8000 steps barefoot on soft surfaces like grass etc everyday, our feet were naturally stimulated to perform its static, dynamic and reflex functions. But now in reality, we walk less than 3000 steps daily on hard surfaces with wrong footwear that provide no massage/stimulation, have hard soles & do not support the feet well. This destroys the natural connection of the feet with the body.

Dr. Med Walter Mauch, a renowned German orthopaedic, developed an internationally patented – 5 Zones by Von Wellx Germany based on the science of reflexology to solve these problems providing

Healthy 5 Benefits – Von Wellx Germany

  • Energises feet for 12+ hours standing by Soft Massage, Muscle Relaxation
  • Exercises foot ( Like Barefoot walking on Grass ) by Increasing blood circulation
  • Relieves heel, knee and back pain, flat foot by providing correct support
  • Protects joints and muscles by absorbing the pressure coming on them
  • Corrects foot position and body posture by balancing muscles tension

Dr. Mohanty also told that these shoes are scientifically developed and provide the necessary support and stimulation to avoid all these problems. It is definitely recommended to use these shoes. After being sold in 80 countries, 5 Zones by Von Wellx Germany has now come to India and is available across India at Metro, Mochi & Centro etc shoe stores and online on Amazon, Flipkart & .

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