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My destiny I will not let me decide. I choose myself. Otherwise I am not a human being of form, soul, shape. Only content of mass and without shape. My prototype as a human being has sprung from the spirit, Chiseled out of natural mass, wound up by love. Deep within me, my heart hides the power Who is able to create, does not let me rest. But from the beginning to the end a tight bow is curious. Who gives us purpose. We are guided by life. Recognize yourself, know yourself now That's what the spirit of spirits says The Primal Love is the law, Love the real life. It gives tension and resilience, Forms feelings that genuinely, Out of eternal planes as a cosmic force, To storm the cosmos. And the bow was never really tense, never really your feelings of love, So you were only mass without form and shape, A person without spirit and soul.


Dr. Walter Mauch has seven magical mantras for health: Green Oat Straw - Tea, Minerals, Nature, Plant, Soul Force, Oxygen and Water.

And he warns of seven sick people: chemicals, deodorants, carbon monoxide, cosmetics, cleaning products, smoking, sitting.

And he also has one main ally for the application and dissemination of his message: the mother.

Not his, whom he dedicates to these remarks and not just any but the mother par excellence.

She is the person who cares for the health of the family. And it inherently has the built-in instinct for doing the right thing in this respect. But if the family is healthy, so are their members, yes, the society is healthy, and illness has not much to report. That's the way it is. Certainly, but does not the simple usually have a thick core of it? And why should not that also apply to your health?

Compared to the creeping poisoning by an ubiquitous chemistry, however, he becomes a veritable prophet.

In fact, the creation of artificial substances, which are not found in nature, and therefore foreign substances, even poisons for all living things, has already contributed more to the destruction of the environment than all atomic experiments taken together.

Which, of course, should not be a trivialization or an excuse for the latter! It is a call to repentance!

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