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Swing Insole

Generally one has to act on the assumption that the foot is an elastically resilient regulatory gene for the upright walking. The foot swings horizontally while the spinal column has vertically three oscillating areas. (cervical vertebra, thoraic vertebra, lumbar vertebra) Thus we talk about an elastically resilient, springy system, which exerts in turn vegetatively reactive effects on the organs via the spinal column. In case of atonic feet the connective tissue, the ligaments and also tense muscular chains are to rebuilt to relieve the muscle's tension in the foot, even from back and the pelvic floor to the area of the neck.

This means:

  1. To steer the feet in the right position.
  2. Better Posture
  3. less indisposition in the back, neck, hip and pelvic region and the area of the foot by means of the blood and lymph circulation's improvement.

An improved blood circulation, an improved lymph flow, the modulation of the motor function and activation of the reflex zones lead to a balanced tension of the ligaments and muscular chains of the legs, the musculature of the pelvic floor, the spinal column, the neck up to the head.

No reflex-zone massage of separate organs occurs, but of all reflex-zones to be able to activate their regulatory circuits which exerts reactive influence on the spinal column, which is the central energy bar and carries out the regulation of the nerve pathways to the organs.

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