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The reflex-zones represent an integral conjugation of the body, means a connection of the zones at the foot with all organs. The usage of this insole leads to an entire relaxation and to automatically cause muscular relaxation processes in the blockage of the concerned segments.

Heel Pain

Some causes for it are being overweight, having flat or too high arches, walking on hard man made surfaces instead of soft natural surfaces, wearing non supportive shoes. Our footwear lighten the load on your heel, forefoot and midfoot, and support them appropriately.

Knee Pain

There are lot of causes of knee pain. By springy soft sole and other supportive features, Von Wellx shoes lighten the load on the knees and provides correct alignment and support.

Back Pain

One of the reasons for back pain is the shock it gets from hard man made surfaces. This footwear lightens the load on the lower back and improves the posture.

" The reflexology soles are fitted with specific elevations, depressions and patterns that stimulate certain zones of the foot and are designed to revitalize parts of the body in a targeted manner. Through the massaging cushions of the 5 Zones and Reflex zones reflexology insoles, the reflexology zones on the foot and therefore the associated organs are influenced with every step – through immersion and relief. As the firmness is adapted exactly to the tissue tension of the sole of the foot, it produces a gentle stimulation of the reflexology zones that achieves the effect of walking barefoot. When sitting for a long time at a desk or during heavy physical exertion, the feet can be either under stimulated or overly burdened. The result is cold, tired or tense feet that can bring the whole body out of balance. This is where the gentle reflexology insole takes on its valuable task. Through the neuroplexus, many interactions occur in the respective segment between the foot and the organ. By wearing shoes fitted with the reflexology zones, the feet are stimulated throughout the day, so that muscle tensions and pain are gently eased. Contrary to pain point pressure, the gentle reflexology massage with the reflexology sole ensures a lasting reprogramming of the affected muscles to a healthy and functional state. The result is a feeling of lightness, balance in everyday life and a strong sense of the body – the feet as the source of life."

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