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What is diabetes?

The disease results from the damage of pancreas cells. The damaged cells lose the ability to produce insulin. Without insulin, the muscle cell is unable to build enough glycogen. As the glycogen is the fuel of the muscle energy generation, the muscle cells gets into acute dynamic weakness in case of insulin deficiency. Pancreas is a very important organ and it is necessary to keep it fully functional if possible.
Intestine, liver, gall bladder, spleen, kidneys are often pre-damaged and suffer further limitations from diabetes. It results in hemoconcentration, a decrease in blood flow velocity and in an oxygen deficit.

The effect of the Reflex-Zone Insole for Diabetes
Due to the stimulation of the feet's reflex-zones, the nerve impulses in the feet are activated. It is about science, proved by decades of work, practice and research of pioneers like Dr.Ingham, Mrs. Hanne Marquardt and Dr. med. Walter Mauch. Whenever wearing the reflex zone insole, the blood circulation is always stimulated.
Due to the organ-specifically arranged elevations, which were specially elaborated in case of diabetic insole, a re invigoration occurs and a detoxification of all organs, which are affected in case of diabetes:

The Pancreas, producing two important hormones The Spleen, the "cleaning" pearl of the organism The Liver, the "power plant" and "steerman" of the matabolism The Kidneys as the "blood filter" The Intestine, splitting up and spreading the food as well as disposing waste products.

Note: Our reflex-zone insole for diabetics does not replace a therapy, but has a therapy supportive and concomitant function.

  • Calvaria, Pituitary Gland
  • Shoulder Girdle, Upper Lymphatics, Thyroid Gland
  • Solar Plexus, Stomach, Pancreas
  • Kidney, Adrenal Gland, Spleen (only on the left)
  • Pelvic Region, Abdomen

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